Monday, November 12, 2012

May Be Too Transparent

I have been told a few times that I am too transparent & that I share entirely too much information with people. Lately I am finding myself to be quiet the opposite. I never understood why my Mom was such a hermit but now I am learning I am more like her these days than I care to admit.  I have never been the type to completely shut myself off from the world. I have always been the outgoing, want to have fun, not stay home alone kind of girl. Today it really hit me that I am turning into a person I never wanted to be. I am now the person who doesn't really like to share my feelings with others, I feel when I do I am constantly being judged by others. I am turning into that "garage door down" kind of person.. I am starting to tell myself that my "safe haven" is locked inside my home with my family. I kind of feel invisible and safe here. No one can judge me, talk about me, leave me out of things, etc.. The only reason I am really blogging about this is for me. For me to see the person that I don't really want to be. This is something I am really going to have to work at but I am so thankful that God has blessed me with people that will get me through the hard times of life :-)

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  1. I am praying for you as you let God take you through this process. It's not an easy one, unless you rely completely on Him. The HARDEST thing is getting over what people think. BE YOURSELF! I LOVE Krystal!!! So I can't wait for you to be her!!!!