Monday, October 29, 2012


Hello friends!!

Another weekend has come and gone :-( I will say I enjoyed spending some time with my favorite peeps!!!

Friday night well let's just say it didn't go as planned! I had every intention of taking my baby loves to Zoo Boo but this mommy decided to cold and rainy for all that!! Instead we stayed home and listened to some Blue Devil football and did laundry (don't be too jealous of the laundry part). Our Devils had an upset against the Searcy Lions but I am still proud to be a devil wife!!

Saturday my lil man played his last flag football game as quarterback and I must say the little dude played a good game.. Poor kid got knocked in the head a couple times but he did so good. We had a birthday party and a fall festival that day too. Follows by my favorite part of the weekend 1 year old pictures (yes a little late don't judge!) and sushi with friends!!

I sure don't deserve the life God has blessed me with but I am sure glad he gave it to me :-)

I'll finish with a couple of sweet pictures :-) looking forward to a busy week so stay tuned for some exciting news and events :-)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Football Seasons...

Most of you already know that are reading this that we are a football family. I just want to give you a little background. Our story began 9 years ago at a Razorback football game (go figure)!! November 2, 2002 I started dating this guy that we will call Coach. I knew he was a coach because I met him my Senior year as he was a volunteer track coach. Now realize when we started dating I was this small town girl who thought football games were simply for social gatherings. In December 2003 we started our journey as Mr. & Mrs. Miller. Little did I know what I was getting myself into that day! I lost my identity as Krystal Castleberry Miller. I quickly became Coach Tank's wife..

Late Summer 2004 our lives changed forever for the better. We were blessed with this adorable baby girl that we named Brooklyn Elizabeth. Coach continued coaching as a volunteer until he graduated in 2005 and got a job in this town called West Memphis, AR.. I fought this move at 1st & refused to come with him. But he won and we packed all our belongings into a U-Haul and moved 150 miles away from everything & everyone I had ever known. This was such an adjustment for me. Coach was a Jr. High football coach but quickly moved to the High School. The season of 2006 was well lets just say a crazy adventure. I was pregnant with a baby boy, Dawson Andrew & lets just say it wasn't the easiest pregnancy!  Life with this lil man has never been the same.

So let me fast forward 6 years.. We are still at that same school 150 miles away from my life back home. We have added another sweet adorable baby girl we named Maycen Kate.  We faced a couple of hard years since we 1st moved here.. We faced a month long hospitalization, giving birth to a premuture baby girl (who was perfectly healthy PRAISE BE TO GOD!), and we have lived through a season of loss with the tragic death of Coach's mom in Feb. This has been my 1st football season all alone in 4 years. It has been trying but such a learning experience. As the season began I caught myself feeling so scared panicked really. I mean I have 3 kids (2 of which are in school and sports).. I am only 1 person I can't do this alone.. There were days all I could do is cry & feel sorry for myself. I would also catch myself looking at the other coaches wives & comparing myself to them. I mean how do they always keep it together? They are always so supportive and seem so put together & then there is me who is nothing but a mess! Why couldn't I be more like them?  BUT over this past year I have learned something about myself. I am stronger than I have ever given myself credit for, I am capable, I can live without my Momma even though I don't like it, I am a supportive wife & I can do this!!

Coach works with a great group of guys & loves his job! I really can't ask for anything more!! He works for man that is caring of the other families (not just his own), cares about his coaches, and man he loves those kids!! Being a coach's wife can be a struggle but such a rewarding experience at the same time! We have "our" family but being a coaching family we also have an extended football family. God has been so good to us ALL the time!!!

"There ought to be a special place in Heaven for coaches wives" Bear Bryant.

Well sorry if I was too transparent but that is what blogs are for right?!!