Monday, November 12, 2012

May Be Too Transparent

I have been told a few times that I am too transparent & that I share entirely too much information with people. Lately I am finding myself to be quiet the opposite. I never understood why my Mom was such a hermit but now I am learning I am more like her these days than I care to admit.  I have never been the type to completely shut myself off from the world. I have always been the outgoing, want to have fun, not stay home alone kind of girl. Today it really hit me that I am turning into a person I never wanted to be. I am now the person who doesn't really like to share my feelings with others, I feel when I do I am constantly being judged by others. I am turning into that "garage door down" kind of person.. I am starting to tell myself that my "safe haven" is locked inside my home with my family. I kind of feel invisible and safe here. No one can judge me, talk about me, leave me out of things, etc.. The only reason I am really blogging about this is for me. For me to see the person that I don't really want to be. This is something I am really going to have to work at but I am so thankful that God has blessed me with people that will get me through the hard times of life :-)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2

Day 2-

On this day 10 years ago I thought I was simply going to a Razorback football game in Little Rock. Little did I know I would be coming back with a husband (not that same day of course)! Our journey began as we went to the game completely separate. We had talked the night before at the White Hall game in front of the field house as just friends! (his Mom and Mrs Tina swear they knew then we would get married I sure didn't lol) do anyway I told him I would see him tomorrow and he tells me yeah right. So ends up our tickets were right next to each other (seriously side by side). It was pouring down rain and freezing cold and this idiot was too busy trying to look cute and we all know rain gear isn't too cute! So I caught a ride back with the FCA (long story we won't get into on this) and Tony takes me home. We end up sitting on the couch talking and watching tv until 2:00 am. Well back to the idiot who didn't have a rain coat I ended up with pneumonia (told you it was cold!) and guess who was there through it all?! Yep you guessed it, Tony. So here we are 10 years later!! We've been married 9 years and have the most amazing kids anyone could ask for. Our life together isn't perfect! We get mad, we argue occasionally BUT we love each other and put God in the center of our marriage. It's not a perfect life but it's our life :-)

30 days of thankfulness

Day 1:
My sweet precious baby girl, Maycen Kate joined our family 16 months ago on this day.

Looking back on our journey with this precious gift I can say its been scary, it's been a blessing, it's been joyous, and everything in between. I will never forget the emotions I felt that day! Never in my life have I been so scared. Our 28 day hospital journey was coming to an end finally. In those 28 days I can say I have truly experienced the worst days of my life!! 48 hours on magnesium, 50 something shots of tributeline, 8 IVs, being told you and your child you have prayed for could die is just plain frightening. BUT I can honestly say I would do it all again!!

These tiny little person completed our family (our lil caboose baby) she was born July 1, 2011 and perfectly healthy. She was a beautiful 7#10oz baby girl who looked just like her Daddy!! Life with her is amazing and so much fun! I love my lil pumpkin to the moon and back and can't imagine a day without her and pray I never have to! She is our answer to prayer and such a blessing! We love you sweet girl!!

A week full of memories

Good Morning blog friends!!!

Hope everyone has had a good week! It has been a busy week for the Miller Family. I started the week off with Parent Teacher Conferences and to say they were good would be an understatement. Me & Coach have been so blessed with not just 1 but 2 smart kids! Brooklyn had all high A's and 1 high B in math (Sorry kid you got it from your Momma) and Dawson had a perfect 1st report card. Their teachers said they are both well behaved which made this Momma happy!

Wednesday was Halloween. The kids had a great time!! We went to Marion 1st Baptist Church & West Memphis 1st Baptist Church as well as visited a couple houses of friends we know. I am so thankful for these churches who help us insure our children have a fun & safe Halloween. Now that brings up another point..

There was a status on Facebook about asking if Christians should celebrate Halloween. Let me start with my beliefs. I think Halloween if taught correctly is just about a fun dress up and get candy night. It is not about all the satanic things of the world if you don't make them out to be. I do believe as Christians we should be set apart & that is why if you instill in your children you can actually make Halloween a ministry of Christ's love for us. Just because we trick or treat doesn't make us less of a Christian as we were the day before or the day after. My children I feel showed an example when we were at Trunk Or Treat by being polite, mingling with others that most likely could have been lost, and also experiencing the love of other Christians who wanted them to have a fun safe Halloween. From the mouth of Dawson (5 years old): Mommy those time of Halloween being about demons was a long time ago this is now. We know the Jesus loves us & that Halloween is just for fun. With all this being said man it opened my eyes to some very judgemental people who claim to be Christians as well. I believe everyone is titled to their opinion don't get me wrong but it really made me wonder hmmm wonder what they say behind our backs. I am not saying their opinions are wrong by any means so don't take it that way. I too can be judgemental of things which opened my eyes that just because I believe something doesn't mean it is right. I need to be a better example of Christ's love. He is so full of grace & mercy!! Who am I to judge my neighbor because we all live in sin. Something I need to work on. Enough about Halloween I am sure I have already offended someone and if I did that was not my intention just blogging my thoughts.

On Thursday I got blessed with the stomach virus.. Not a fun way to spend my day for sure. Brooklyn on the other hand had a great day! She got to go to her very 1st concert with her very best friend since Kindergarten Harley Hudson. They went to the Justin Bieber concert and seems like they had a blast!!!  Also last night was our LAST regular season football game of 2012. I wasn't able to go due to feeling like blah but we had a big win 54-7 and I still supported from home in my bed!

Today is the most exciting day out of the week for me. Not only is it Friday but we are headed to White Hall in 3 hours :-)

Monday, October 29, 2012


Hello friends!!

Another weekend has come and gone :-( I will say I enjoyed spending some time with my favorite peeps!!!

Friday night well let's just say it didn't go as planned! I had every intention of taking my baby loves to Zoo Boo but this mommy decided to cold and rainy for all that!! Instead we stayed home and listened to some Blue Devil football and did laundry (don't be too jealous of the laundry part). Our Devils had an upset against the Searcy Lions but I am still proud to be a devil wife!!

Saturday my lil man played his last flag football game as quarterback and I must say the little dude played a good game.. Poor kid got knocked in the head a couple times but he did so good. We had a birthday party and a fall festival that day too. Follows by my favorite part of the weekend 1 year old pictures (yes a little late don't judge!) and sushi with friends!!

I sure don't deserve the life God has blessed me with but I am sure glad he gave it to me :-)

I'll finish with a couple of sweet pictures :-) looking forward to a busy week so stay tuned for some exciting news and events :-)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Football Seasons...

Most of you already know that are reading this that we are a football family. I just want to give you a little background. Our story began 9 years ago at a Razorback football game (go figure)!! November 2, 2002 I started dating this guy that we will call Coach. I knew he was a coach because I met him my Senior year as he was a volunteer track coach. Now realize when we started dating I was this small town girl who thought football games were simply for social gatherings. In December 2003 we started our journey as Mr. & Mrs. Miller. Little did I know what I was getting myself into that day! I lost my identity as Krystal Castleberry Miller. I quickly became Coach Tank's wife..

Late Summer 2004 our lives changed forever for the better. We were blessed with this adorable baby girl that we named Brooklyn Elizabeth. Coach continued coaching as a volunteer until he graduated in 2005 and got a job in this town called West Memphis, AR.. I fought this move at 1st & refused to come with him. But he won and we packed all our belongings into a U-Haul and moved 150 miles away from everything & everyone I had ever known. This was such an adjustment for me. Coach was a Jr. High football coach but quickly moved to the High School. The season of 2006 was well lets just say a crazy adventure. I was pregnant with a baby boy, Dawson Andrew & lets just say it wasn't the easiest pregnancy!  Life with this lil man has never been the same.

So let me fast forward 6 years.. We are still at that same school 150 miles away from my life back home. We have added another sweet adorable baby girl we named Maycen Kate.  We faced a couple of hard years since we 1st moved here.. We faced a month long hospitalization, giving birth to a premuture baby girl (who was perfectly healthy PRAISE BE TO GOD!), and we have lived through a season of loss with the tragic death of Coach's mom in Feb. This has been my 1st football season all alone in 4 years. It has been trying but such a learning experience. As the season began I caught myself feeling so scared panicked really. I mean I have 3 kids (2 of which are in school and sports).. I am only 1 person I can't do this alone.. There were days all I could do is cry & feel sorry for myself. I would also catch myself looking at the other coaches wives & comparing myself to them. I mean how do they always keep it together? They are always so supportive and seem so put together & then there is me who is nothing but a mess! Why couldn't I be more like them?  BUT over this past year I have learned something about myself. I am stronger than I have ever given myself credit for, I am capable, I can live without my Momma even though I don't like it, I am a supportive wife & I can do this!!

Coach works with a great group of guys & loves his job! I really can't ask for anything more!! He works for man that is caring of the other families (not just his own), cares about his coaches, and man he loves those kids!! Being a coach's wife can be a struggle but such a rewarding experience at the same time! We have "our" family but being a coaching family we also have an extended football family. God has been so good to us ALL the time!!!

"There ought to be a special place in Heaven for coaches wives" Bear Bryant.

Well sorry if I was too transparent but that is what blogs are for right?!!