Friday, November 2, 2012

A week full of memories

Good Morning blog friends!!!

Hope everyone has had a good week! It has been a busy week for the Miller Family. I started the week off with Parent Teacher Conferences and to say they were good would be an understatement. Me & Coach have been so blessed with not just 1 but 2 smart kids! Brooklyn had all high A's and 1 high B in math (Sorry kid you got it from your Momma) and Dawson had a perfect 1st report card. Their teachers said they are both well behaved which made this Momma happy!

Wednesday was Halloween. The kids had a great time!! We went to Marion 1st Baptist Church & West Memphis 1st Baptist Church as well as visited a couple houses of friends we know. I am so thankful for these churches who help us insure our children have a fun & safe Halloween. Now that brings up another point..

There was a status on Facebook about asking if Christians should celebrate Halloween. Let me start with my beliefs. I think Halloween if taught correctly is just about a fun dress up and get candy night. It is not about all the satanic things of the world if you don't make them out to be. I do believe as Christians we should be set apart & that is why if you instill in your children you can actually make Halloween a ministry of Christ's love for us. Just because we trick or treat doesn't make us less of a Christian as we were the day before or the day after. My children I feel showed an example when we were at Trunk Or Treat by being polite, mingling with others that most likely could have been lost, and also experiencing the love of other Christians who wanted them to have a fun safe Halloween. From the mouth of Dawson (5 years old): Mommy those time of Halloween being about demons was a long time ago this is now. We know the Jesus loves us & that Halloween is just for fun. With all this being said man it opened my eyes to some very judgemental people who claim to be Christians as well. I believe everyone is titled to their opinion don't get me wrong but it really made me wonder hmmm wonder what they say behind our backs. I am not saying their opinions are wrong by any means so don't take it that way. I too can be judgemental of things which opened my eyes that just because I believe something doesn't mean it is right. I need to be a better example of Christ's love. He is so full of grace & mercy!! Who am I to judge my neighbor because we all live in sin. Something I need to work on. Enough about Halloween I am sure I have already offended someone and if I did that was not my intention just blogging my thoughts.

On Thursday I got blessed with the stomach virus.. Not a fun way to spend my day for sure. Brooklyn on the other hand had a great day! She got to go to her very 1st concert with her very best friend since Kindergarten Harley Hudson. They went to the Justin Bieber concert and seems like they had a blast!!!  Also last night was our LAST regular season football game of 2012. I wasn't able to go due to feeling like blah but we had a big win 54-7 and I still supported from home in my bed!

Today is the most exciting day out of the week for me. Not only is it Friday but we are headed to White Hall in 3 hours :-)

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  1. Love it! Although I HATE you were sick!!! I TOTALLY agree with you on Halloween!
    Have an awesome weekend in White Hall!!!