Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Living Life with a Man

WOW!!! I am thinking someone should have warned me what living life with a man would be like!! Wait maybe my Mom did but obviously I didn't listen. Men are just weird little creatures don't you think?  It is constant burping, smelly bathrooms, sweaty smelling locker room smells everywhere they go after sweating, and some days being just down right ANNOYING!!! Perfect example: Last night it was supposed to storm bad. Well anyone who knows much about me knows that I am the biggest chicken that has walked the face of the Earth. No seriously I have walked past windows before, saw my shaddow, and about wet my pants! Well storms are no exception! I am deathly afraid. Everytime there is a storm warning I start the what ifs.. What if the tree falls on our house (by our bedrooms), what if the boat is picked up & comes crashing through the kitchen window, and Lord forbid what if our house falls down around us. Well last night was no different!! I had been on Facebook & saw what was going on in Central Arkansas and got a little scared. I was determined not to be crazy last night like I normally am. Normally I would have taken the baby mattress off her bed, put it in the bathtub with lots of pillows & blankets, and then would have put her in my bed (obviously not in that order) but I didn't. I was going to be a big girl :-)  So here comes the thunder and in 3 seconds flat I had 2 kids curled up in sleeping bags by my bed. No big deal we got this I am going to bed.. OR SO I THOUGHT!!! So then you have Coach who obviously thinks he is a meterologist when it comes to severe weather. He comes with his phone in hand and says see this curvy tail yep that is going to get us. That wasn't there when it hit Daddy's house. Really did you really just come in the bedroom & tell your scardy cat wife that a tornado was going to hit us? FAIL #1... So then it is constant him getting up going to look out the window FAIL #2 then he finds it a good idea to open the door to see what is going on outside but forgot he turned on the house alarm MAJOR FAIL #3 then it is turn the TV on and as loud as he can because he is watching "the weather" FAIL #3.. I get mad grab my pillow as I am mouthing I go to the couch.. Finally sleep... NOT here he comes following me in the living room & turns that TV on & tells me he would watch the weather in the living room. FAIL #4... followed by constant footsteps on the hardwood floor FAIL #5... followed by me getting up to get a drink only to find him watch the DVR shows.. REALLY honey I thought you were watching the weather?!! FAIL #6...   So finally he comes to bed YES finally get some sleep... 3 minutes later baby starts crying, Daddy is snooring, so up again.. Mumbling under my breath I get her out of bed & put her in bed with me.. What seems like 5 minutes later I hear beep, beep, beep UGH 5:15 already?!!!

Now, I am sure if this was written from his point of view he could say someone should have warned him about life with a woman too. Constant mood swings, crying for no reason, Season marathon of Dance Moms all day on a Saturday but in my opinion non of that can top living life with a man!!! lol

DISCLAIMER: Yes I do love my husband, yes I would be lonely and scared without him home, yes I wouldn't change a thing (well maybe a couple things. LOL)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So I have been on my weightloss journey for almost a month now. I am in awe of how much the Advocare 24 Day Challenge has changed me!!!  If you would like more information on how the Advocare 24 Day Challenge can help you too hit me up I would be glad to help you.  So here is the story....

Most of you that have known me for a long time know that all through High School and into college I never had a weight problem. I could eat whatever I please and still stayed skinny. Then came our 1st born.. I wouldn't say I was little by any means when I was pregnant with her but I managed to loose most of my weight & get back where I was before having her. The came my little man, I was HUGE when I had him but like after having Brooklyn I lost the majority of it. It just took me a little longer & I didn't loose all of it at all. But then came our little caboose baby. No one could have prepared me for the rollercoaster of a ride that pregnancy would be. My body did things I had no idea it could do. I wasn't just huge I was a HIPPO!!! I was just shy of 200 pounds the day I delivered (yes a month early)! According to my doctor this past week I might as well been pregnant with triplets or quads!  Wow was I really this big? Yes is the answer to this question.

I remember all during the Summer I just didn't feel good about myself. I was embarrassed in a swim suit & to be honest a tank top & shorts was perfectly fine for me or better yet lets go with a VERY loose tshirt :-)  So a couple months ago I ran into a girl that I knew from church a couple years ago & I never looked at her as a heavy set person at all. But when I ran in to her the girl looked AMAZING! So I asked her what she was doing. She told me about the 24 day challenge in which I had heard about it from a couple other people. So while going through pictures and realizing my pants where getting bigger and bigger I thought what can it hurt. So I talked to Tony about it, got my finances in order so that I could do it, and thought ok lets do this.  It was a hard 24 days but I had an amazing support system. In those 24 days I was able to shed only 7 pounds but the amazing part was I shed 11 3/4 inches off my entire body!!  When I started the challenge I was 2 pounds shy of 140 pounds (yes I just said that outloud) this morning I was 4 oz shy of the 120s again!!!!

I have never been 1 of those girls who could turn heads or have guys look at me & think wow shes pretty. None of that is important now because I have a husband BUT with that said I do want to be 1 of those girls who walk in the room & my husband is proud to say yes that is MY WIFE!  For those who know me also know I have a stubborn and determined personality. I am determined to look like I did in my early 20s before summer. Obviously with a few blimishes but hey those are my battle wounds & those babies are worth every blimish I will carry from now on!!! 

I look forward not so much to being skinny but being HEALTHY! My entire family is eating healthy & I must say I am so proud of them. I am cooking things I never thought I would put in my mouth. I even tried cauliflower mashed potatoes for crying out loud (Not that I ever will again).. and tried spinach this past weekend & could actually tollerate it. I just want to say a big thank you to the people who have and continued to support me.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Am I the only 1 who lately finds myself constantly struggling? There are a few things that lately I catch myself struggling with. Many of the things I find myself struggling with I am not proud of however I want to find a way to be proud of myself for the things that I overcome!!!

1) I struggle with TIME.. I can't seem to find the time to keep up with everything that is expected of me. I often find that we run low on clean towels, socks, etc.. I can not seem to keep up with the mounds of laundry that comes with 5 people in the house.  My house is no longer spotless like it was even a few months ago. I find that when I get off work I don't want to come home and do laundry, or cook, or clean bedroom, or scrub toilets. I find that I want to come home & spend time sitting on my butt watching tv, or talking, or playing on Facebook. It is like there is never enough time in the week to get things done. But maybe my problem isn't with time maybe it is a problem of how I am spending my time?!!!

2) I struggle with MONEY.. Often times I catch myself in a panic, stressed out mode because of money. I see things I want (not so much need) and I get angry because I can't just go buy it like others seem to be able to do. But really this is so silly. Why do I stress so much about this because God is always so faithful to provide for my family when I am not always so faithful to Him!!

3) I struggle with FRIENDSHIPS.. Why do I have to be 1 of these people that compares myself with everyone else?! I often find myself feeling like we don't have enough friends. I look at other people and they are constantly hanging out on the weekends with their friends and I get jealous because I don't have that!! I have gone from the spectrum of a) I am not good enough to z) oh well that is other peoples loss.. Maybe it is time that I stop and look at the friends I do have & realize that God puts the people in our lives that we need for that moment of our life. Nothing is forever!! I need to be content with what is provided because I have exactly what He feels I need to have. The friends I do have are amazing & I wouldn't trade a single 1 of them.

4) I struggle with SELF IMAGE.. Growing up I was always a little kid. Very short (not much has changed) and was skinny. I got made fun of a little growing up because I was so small but then came Brooklyn!!! A lot has changed over the last 8 years since having her. I am no longer this skinny girl but now well lets just say I am "fluffy" as Dawson calls me. I don't look in the mirror and see a "pretty" face and a skinny body. This is something I am working on hard! I am working on #1 getting healthy.. Who cares I am not a size 0 cover model?! My husband & kids love me just the way I am & God created me this way so why do I struggle so much with this?

5) I struggle with LOCATION.. It is no secret I was not a fan of moving to West Memphis, AR. I was quite content in my little apartment, where family was 5 minutes away if I needed something, and White Hall was the only town I ever knew (other than the couple times growing up in elementary we moved) but White Hall was home.. Then the call came & God wanted me to do what? He wanted me to pack up all I had ever known & move to West Memphis, AR.. I thought to myself ok God I hear you it is a new start for us as a family. The 1st year was rocky I didn't think we would survive & remain a family to be honest. I wanted my parents the life I had known the last 20 years! Here we are almost 8 years later & I often find myself still questioning God why are we here? What is it you want to do with us? I want to go "home"!! I have come to terms the last few weeks that maybe this is "home" I mean the Earth is our temporary home and we are only passing through. This is not where my real "home" is so it is time to put my big girl panties on and embrace where God has me right now!!

So I will end this with saying I will probably never fully not struggle with obstacles in my life. I mean isn't life a constant path of up & down? God is going to test us, but I need to decide right here right now if I am going to flunk his test or do my very best. It is not a test to study for but a test to live for!!! I am deciding right now to lay these struggles at my Savior's feet & turn them over to Him. I am deciding right now to start living by the words from His word & not the words I hear in my head of you are not good enough, you are not poplar enough, you are not pretty enough, etc...

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

Your hands made me and formed me; give me understanding to learn your commands. Psalm 119:73

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 New Year, New Me!!!

Now on the 2013.. I am not 1 to make New Year's Resolutions because I tend to break them so wht is the point?!!  HOWEVER, this year I made of list of things that I want to TRY to do better. Doesn't mean I am going to acheive it but what is a New Year without some kind of goals? Right?!  So here is my top 10 list

1) Get closer to the Lord: I am the 1st to admit I do not spend the time I need to with the Lord. Just being a little transparent here so forgive me & please don't judge!!!  I do not spend time in the word like I need to, I catch myself praying when "I" need to not when God needs me to, I catch myself bargaining with God rather than just listening to what he is trying to tell me to do.  I need to grow more as a CHRISTIAN not just as a person. I need to not only show my kids by my actions but my words of how much I love the Lord. I want others to look at me and want that fire. I want my neighbors to look at me & want to know more. I want to lead others to CHRIST!

2) Be a better mother to my children. God gave me 3 of the most amazing, beautiful, wild, and crazy kids.. They are a true blessing and sometimes I don't feel like I show them how much they are a blessing to me. 2013 will be time for a new Mommy who is more patient with them, chooses my words better, and shows them love God shows us every day. My eyes have been opened the last few weeks just how precious these gifts are and at any time God can decide to take them.

3) Be a better wife to my husband. I know the Bible says we should submit to our husbands. Anyone who knows me knows I don't submit myself very well. I am a strong willed, independent, do it my ownself, OCD kind of girl. I want to be a better submitter to my husand. I want to open our lines of communication better and rather than nagging just be more transparent with him.

4) I want to be a skinny, healthier me!! This is something I am working hard on. When I look at myself 10 years ago I tend to miss that skinny girl. I know looks aren't everything & trust me I know I lack in this department but every girl atleast wants to feel pretty even if no one else thinks their outer beauty is there.

5) I want to be a better friend.. I have lost a lot of friends this year. I am not sure why but I am trying to be a better me!  I am trying to reflect on what I could have done different to be a better person/friend

6) I want to learn to let things go.. Quit sweating the small stuff.. Quit letting other people affect how I feel about myself.. Learn to let the things they say go away and focus on what God has me here for.

7) Spend more QUALITY family time

8) Be a better employee/co-worker

9) Learn to be respectful of myself not just others

10) Live my life like there may be no tomorrow!!!!

I know my blogs may bore the mess out of you but I want to be able to look back down the road & say wow I accomplished that or man I need to work on this more!!!

Recap of 2012

Well it is offically 2013!!! Hard to believe!!!  I guess I will start this with just a few highlights of 2012 then we will get into 2013!!

Feb 15th our life completely changed! We lost my mother in law in a tragic car accident.  God showed us how precious life truly is and what friends are for!!

Spring 2012: Baseball/softball season, Bought a new boat and took our 1st Family vacation to Hot Springs

Summer 2012: Went to Florida, Lots of swimming, lots of friend time, Maycen Kate's 1st Birthday, Brooklyn turned 8, Mommy turned ?

Fall 2012: My lil man started Kindergarten & Brooklyn went to 3rd grade, FOOTBALL season!! Lots of football games, fair, and fun times. Coach's birthday

Winter 2012: Thankgsiving, Dawson turned 6, and CHRISTmas!

 Hot Springs

 New Boat

 Swimming with friends

Divas 2012

Red Sox 2012

 Miss you so much Juju

 Maycen Kate's 1st summer of swimming

Here we come Bragg Elementary!

Bieber Fever with Harley (Brooklyn's 1st concert)

 Happy 1st Birthday Maycen Kate

 Halloween Peter Pan style

 Santa 2012

 Football season 2012

 Fair 2012

 Fair 2012

 Fair 2012

So Busy

Wow so I just realized it has been SOOOOO long since I have blogged. Please forgive me it has been a little crazy hectic around our house with Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas.

I guess the best thing to do is for me to recap our lives the last month (This may bore you, sorry!)

Thankgsiving was GREAT!!! We went to my Aunt's house and had Thankgsiving with my Mom, Brother, and my Aunt's Family. We had a great time but missed some other people (Like my stubborn Dad who refused to drive to Little Rock)  As most of you know I am a BLACK FRIDAY ADDICT!! I live for Black Friday when the time gets close. This year my Mom and Aunt decided they weren't doing the all night shopping so I talked my sister into going. We had a BLAST and got some really great deals!

Once the whirlwind of Thankgsiving was over it was time to gear up for my little man's birthday party! We had a blast!!! He had a race theme party & everything revolved around "racing". We had sack races, 3 legged races, obstacle courses, race car hot dogs, and of course cupcakes!!! I think he really enjoyed it but man can't believe my little buddy is already 6!!!

Then comes CHRISTmas!! Things were quite a bit different in the Miller house this year. We had CHRISTmas with our families the weekend before CHRISTmas this year! The kids had a great time with their cousins & all their family. We are so grateful to Bobby & Dasa who opened their home to 3 wild and crazy kids & their parents. We got to visit with family and some friends we don't see very often which was really nice. We drove around White Hall and attempted to look at lights. Things are so different than they were when I was a kid. I remember driving around for HOURS looking at lights. This year we had a really hard time finding any at all.  We drove back to Marion on CHRISTmas Eve and got ready for Santa to visit. I must say Santa did an awesome job with putting toys together this year!!!  I don't know what I would have done without all his help! We started new traditions this year. It was just the 5 of us this year so we started on CHRISTmas Eve with baking cookies, opening new pjs, and reading the CHRISTmas story straight out of the Bible. Isn't amazing how much a tiny baby changes everything? I am so grateful that God sent that tiny baby to cover our sins!! 1 day in the future we will celebrate this baby's birth in a way no one on Earth can even begin to imagine!!! CHRISTmas day the kids were so super excited to see what Santa had brought them. We spend the day opening boxes, hearing squeels of excitment, and of course OCD Mommy cleaned the mess up way before lunch!  I started feeling really yuck CHRISTmas afternoon and my wonderful baby Daddy picked up the slack. He fried a turkey, cooked a ham, green bean casserole, and hashbrown casserole. It was WONDERFUL!!! We didn't get to do our normal "day after Christmas" shopping thanks to a horrendous bug that made its way to me. So that brings us to the next blog....

Reading CHRISTmas Story from Bible

Santa Came!

Sweet Babies & their cookies