Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 New Year, New Me!!!

Now on the 2013.. I am not 1 to make New Year's Resolutions because I tend to break them so wht is the point?!!  HOWEVER, this year I made of list of things that I want to TRY to do better. Doesn't mean I am going to acheive it but what is a New Year without some kind of goals? Right?!  So here is my top 10 list

1) Get closer to the Lord: I am the 1st to admit I do not spend the time I need to with the Lord. Just being a little transparent here so forgive me & please don't judge!!!  I do not spend time in the word like I need to, I catch myself praying when "I" need to not when God needs me to, I catch myself bargaining with God rather than just listening to what he is trying to tell me to do.  I need to grow more as a CHRISTIAN not just as a person. I need to not only show my kids by my actions but my words of how much I love the Lord. I want others to look at me and want that fire. I want my neighbors to look at me & want to know more. I want to lead others to CHRIST!

2) Be a better mother to my children. God gave me 3 of the most amazing, beautiful, wild, and crazy kids.. They are a true blessing and sometimes I don't feel like I show them how much they are a blessing to me. 2013 will be time for a new Mommy who is more patient with them, chooses my words better, and shows them love God shows us every day. My eyes have been opened the last few weeks just how precious these gifts are and at any time God can decide to take them.

3) Be a better wife to my husband. I know the Bible says we should submit to our husbands. Anyone who knows me knows I don't submit myself very well. I am a strong willed, independent, do it my ownself, OCD kind of girl. I want to be a better submitter to my husand. I want to open our lines of communication better and rather than nagging just be more transparent with him.

4) I want to be a skinny, healthier me!! This is something I am working hard on. When I look at myself 10 years ago I tend to miss that skinny girl. I know looks aren't everything & trust me I know I lack in this department but every girl atleast wants to feel pretty even if no one else thinks their outer beauty is there.

5) I want to be a better friend.. I have lost a lot of friends this year. I am not sure why but I am trying to be a better me!  I am trying to reflect on what I could have done different to be a better person/friend

6) I want to learn to let things go.. Quit sweating the small stuff.. Quit letting other people affect how I feel about myself.. Learn to let the things they say go away and focus on what God has me here for.

7) Spend more QUALITY family time

8) Be a better employee/co-worker

9) Learn to be respectful of myself not just others

10) Live my life like there may be no tomorrow!!!!

I know my blogs may bore the mess out of you but I want to be able to look back down the road & say wow I accomplished that or man I need to work on this more!!!


  1. I love you! I love this blog! Let's do this together!!!!

  2. Love you too!! Thank you!! Let's do it girl