Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Living Life with a Man

WOW!!! I am thinking someone should have warned me what living life with a man would be like!! Wait maybe my Mom did but obviously I didn't listen. Men are just weird little creatures don't you think?  It is constant burping, smelly bathrooms, sweaty smelling locker room smells everywhere they go after sweating, and some days being just down right ANNOYING!!! Perfect example: Last night it was supposed to storm bad. Well anyone who knows much about me knows that I am the biggest chicken that has walked the face of the Earth. No seriously I have walked past windows before, saw my shaddow, and about wet my pants! Well storms are no exception! I am deathly afraid. Everytime there is a storm warning I start the what ifs.. What if the tree falls on our house (by our bedrooms), what if the boat is picked up & comes crashing through the kitchen window, and Lord forbid what if our house falls down around us. Well last night was no different!! I had been on Facebook & saw what was going on in Central Arkansas and got a little scared. I was determined not to be crazy last night like I normally am. Normally I would have taken the baby mattress off her bed, put it in the bathtub with lots of pillows & blankets, and then would have put her in my bed (obviously not in that order) but I didn't. I was going to be a big girl :-)  So here comes the thunder and in 3 seconds flat I had 2 kids curled up in sleeping bags by my bed. No big deal we got this I am going to bed.. OR SO I THOUGHT!!! So then you have Coach who obviously thinks he is a meterologist when it comes to severe weather. He comes with his phone in hand and says see this curvy tail yep that is going to get us. That wasn't there when it hit Daddy's house. Really did you really just come in the bedroom & tell your scardy cat wife that a tornado was going to hit us? FAIL #1... So then it is constant him getting up going to look out the window FAIL #2 then he finds it a good idea to open the door to see what is going on outside but forgot he turned on the house alarm MAJOR FAIL #3 then it is turn the TV on and as loud as he can because he is watching "the weather" FAIL #3.. I get mad grab my pillow as I am mouthing I go to the couch.. Finally sleep... NOT here he comes following me in the living room & turns that TV on & tells me he would watch the weather in the living room. FAIL #4... followed by constant footsteps on the hardwood floor FAIL #5... followed by me getting up to get a drink only to find him watch the DVR shows.. REALLY honey I thought you were watching the weather?!! FAIL #6...   So finally he comes to bed YES finally get some sleep... 3 minutes later baby starts crying, Daddy is snooring, so up again.. Mumbling under my breath I get her out of bed & put her in bed with me.. What seems like 5 minutes later I hear beep, beep, beep UGH 5:15 already?!!!

Now, I am sure if this was written from his point of view he could say someone should have warned him about life with a woman too. Constant mood swings, crying for no reason, Season marathon of Dance Moms all day on a Saturday but in my opinion non of that can top living life with a man!!! lol

DISCLAIMER: Yes I do love my husband, yes I would be lonely and scared without him home, yes I wouldn't change a thing (well maybe a couple things. LOL)

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