Monday, April 29, 2013

Life of a Miller

Good Morning peeps!!! Hope everyone is doing well... We are officially in the swing of craziness!!  I made the mistake of looking over my calendar & about flipped out over what all we have going on..  See all the little dots? This means we have something scheduled for this day!

Blue Devil Spring football kicks off today!!!  Dawson's 1st machine pitch game was scheduled to start today too but I just got a message due to the rain & muddy fields it has been cnacelled.  The rest of the week will be ball practice, gymnastics, church, ball games, and getting ready to go out of town.. I am super excited about our weekend coming up!! We will get to hang out with our families, friends, and I will be attending a very special friend's wedding shower!!! I always love coming home to visit!

We have been busy busy!! Tony and myself decided to take last Monday off for a date day with NO kids!! We enjoyed lunch together & a little retail therapy! I am super stoked about my new cute outfits!!!  We finished up Brooklyn's 1st science project. Brooklyn also performed in the High School Spring musical Saturday night. She was really nervous and excited. Bless her heart she was about a foot-2 feet shorter than everyone else so I am sure she felt overwhelmed. We got caught up on laundry for the 1st time in who knows when, got the house cleaned up, and I cooked dinner for the week. I am hoping a little organization will help keep me sain during Spring ball/Baseball season...

Well here are a few pictures from the last couple week! Hope everyone enjoys!!!

And remember to be an encourager, smile at a stranger, and enjoy your week!!!
Little Game of basketball

Not sure why he has a helmet guess his sister is rough!

Brooklyn ready to perform Do Re Mi

Coach & Myself

1st Science Project

New Outfit from Pink Coconut

Little partner in crime

Playing Blocks with Coach

Sweet Sisters

My 1st ice cream cone

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  1. Oh how I LOVE your blog post!!! And I LOVE what you put there at the end before you started posting pictures. You are such a wonderful & amazing woman!!! You said you cooked for the WEEK???? PLEASE tell me more! Don't get overwhelmed by that May schedule as I am SURE our Moms would LOVE just a day or week of that kind of schedule's not going to be like this for long & you're gonna miss this. And if you DO feel overwhelmed, pray & ask God what He would have you to change about it. I love ya!