Monday, April 15, 2013

A little of this a little of that..

Ok so yes I know I can offically be tagged with the title worst blogger in blogging history. Life seems to get the best of me these days & it takes all I can as it is to keep up without adding anything else to the mix.

So life for us is busy, busy, busy!! Seems like we are NEVER at home except to sleep & my checkbook can prove it. I don't think we have cooked more than a meal or 2 at home the last couple weeks. UGH gotta fix that!  So you ask what has kept us so busy lately?!?!

Well last weekend we decided to make a quick trip to Hot Springs and go to the horse races & then a quick trip to White Hall just so we didn't have to drive back to West Memphis on Saturday. We had a great time. I only bet on 1 race and when I lost my $2 I was over it. It was funny though because the next 3 races after I lost my money I picked the winners & it would have paid good because of course they were the long shot.. Oh well atleast we all know I don't have a problem because I can't stand throwing away money.  Brooklyn went on her 1st mission trip to the Monticello Children's Home with the church & had a great time. We missed her but so glad she gets opportunities like this!

So during the week both of my sweet "big kids" have ball practice.. It just so happened to work out that we were scheduled for every night of the week. Brooklyn also had choir practice. She is singing with the High School choir on Saturday April 27th and is very excited about the opportunity. She also had her end of the year concert for 3rd grade.. Wait did I really just say end of the year for 3rd grade?! Where has the time gone?!!!! 

They also had their 3rd 9 weeks awards this week. I have to say I am so proud that we have 2 smart little people on our hands.. Dawson got the Citizenship award which made this Mommy so supre proud! and Brooklyn was All A's and 1 B and Accelerated Reader Award!!!

So this past weekend we enjoyed an evening on the porch watching the kids play & grilled some steaks/veggies before I had to go help decorate for a wedding shower. Saturday was a day of running. Got up & cooked breakfast for the family (which I never do!), then errands, and I was hosting a wedding shower. After the shower I ran home & laid on the couch for an hour to recharge then it was up again.. We promised the kids we would go to the rodeo in Southaven, MS.. They really enjoyed it!! Yesterday was spent at church, followed by a nap while Daddy cleaned up the boat, then took Brooklyn to the nail salon. She was relaly excited that she got to be pampered (massage and nails painted)..

So anyway that is a quick recap of what has been going on in the Miller house the last couple weeks. This week it is track meet, ball practice, choir practice, followed by more ball practice :-)

Weekend Fun

Dawson enjoyed Oaklawn

Daddy & Maycen Kate

My sweet pumpkin at Fisherman Wharf

Dawson batting practice

Such smart kids

Just chillin on the porch

1st time making muffin omelets

She is ready for the Rodeo.. Bigger the bow the better the Mommy

 Rodeo Bound

Love these kids!

Dawson dude did you eat a smurf?!



  1. Oh LOVE your update! And don't worry, we ALL get busy & get behind on bloggin....or at least that's what I tell myself when I get behind. It looks like y'all had tons of fun!!!! You & I are SO ALIKE when it comes to gambling in that we don't like to throw our money away! We will take Greg's grandma to the Casino, I will play just $20 & lossing it makes me sick. I want your recipe for the omlets!!!!!!! Did you see Morgan at the Rodeo???? I saw from PK's FB page that they were there. LOVE me some massage & pedi time!!!!

  2. Thanks girl!!

    Omlets are so super easy. I am allergic to eggs so I got egg whites to try. I poured just a little egg white in each part. Put chopped ham, peppers, and mushrooms in the egg whites. I topped the kids with cheese I am on the cleanse phase and I can't have diary for a couple more days. Just bake on 350 for 15-18 minutes.

    I did see them. I actually bought tickets from PK :-) Mo looked beautiful as always.