Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busy as a bee and so much excitement.

SOOOO much has been going on lately!! Life has been great for us lately (minus a few hiccups in the road but that is life right?!)...

So we got to venture home a couple weeks ago. We attended the Davis Family reunion and had a great time visiting with people I haven't see in forever. We went to the cemetary where my grand mother is buried.  This is the 1st time I have been by there in a while. I used to go a lot but once we moved and life got busy I just didn't have time since it is in Grapevine. This woman was amazing & it was nice to be able to show my kids where she is buried and tell them about her.

miss you every day MawMaw!

On Sunday 1 of my very best friends had her wedding shower. I am so overjoyed for her & so thankful I got to attend such a special day. She is a wonderful person & is going to make a beautiful bride!
Me & Sue

We FINALLY got to play some ball this past week.. Dawson hit a double his very 1st game!! I am so proud of him. He has a long way to go as he is only 6 and likes to not pay attention.. Brooklyn also played a great game. This child amazes me everyday when she plays sports. She is so athletic which is something I pray for when I was pregnant. Yesterday her picture was in the Crittenden County Evening Times newspaper. Can we say so super proud of her?!

Fierce & ready to play

Lil Diva

My lil man

Saturday night I finally got to catch up with my friend Ami. I have missed that girl so much!!! Thankfully Coach watched the kids so I could enjoy my night out with her. We had a blast catching up & eating my favorite food (next to mexican), shopping, and of course no girls night is complete unless you make a trip to Yolo!!

Ready for girls night out

Thanks Coach for watching our babies!

Someone waited on their Mommy to get home

As everyone knows Sunday was Mother's Day!! My family made sure I had a great day!! It wasn't about the beautiful flowers, or the watch, or sweet cards that made this day so great it was the fact I was with 4 people who I love so much!! The day started with church and our sweet Maycen Kate was dedicated. This was a very important time for us. We want nothing more for our children but them to walk their lives with the Lord.  We then had a cook out with some great friends & just enjoyed the day. We decided to go get fishing license that evening & take the kids fishing. They all had a blast.. Dawson caught the smallest fish and Maycen Kate caught the biggest. Go figure the baby would! LOL

Lil Diva & the crew fishing

She is getting so big, and she thought we were just fishin

Dawson's lil fish

Maycen Kate & her 1st fish

Yesterday was Field Day at Bragg Elementary! We were so blessed to be able to take the day off & spend with Brooklyn & Dawson. This was Dawson's very 1st field day & that poor kid wore himself out!! He was so much fun! Watching his excitement throughout the day was priceless.. (Almost as priceless as him telling me he wanted to go home and watch a movie & nap, SCORE!)

Dawson & his teacher

Best Friends

This is such a typical Roo face!

Game Field Day 2013

And he is out!

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