Thursday, March 7, 2013

Random all over the place

Ok just a word of warning this blog is going to be random all over the place so if you don't want to read I understand! LOL

So it has been a week or 2 since I have posted anything on our blog.. this is mostly because our life has been rather boring this days.. I said boring not unbusy! lol

Not a lot has been going to that is really blog worthy but I do have a couple thoughts to share..

#1: My husband is looking SMOKIN HOT (Dawson's fav term these days).. He has lost so much weight I am so proud of him!

#2: Brooklyn and Dawson have both been signed up for machine pitch ball this Spring. I am so excited I can't wait!!!!  I absolutely love baseball (when my kiddos play).. I don't so much like the CRAZY schedule though. LOl

#3: Spring Break trip has been planned & I can't wait to surprise the kids. We aren't doing anything major like Disney or anything but my sister & my beautiful nieces will be joining us for a couple days in St. Louis, MO which means a trip to LAMBERTS!!! Can we say fat jeans & lots of thermoplus?! LOL

And just a random thought.. Seeing everyone posting their sweet new babies on Facebook makes me a little sad.. My last baby is now a sassy, talkative 20 month old!!! Kind of sad that time of our lives is over but excited for what lies ahead for us too!!!

Silly Goose

 Just Me. So ready for Summer days!

My Baby boy sleeping!!

Brooklyn hasn't been home enough for me to capture any pictures of her this week :-(

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  1. Your life is DEFINITELY not boring & I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog!

    Tony is defintely looking "smokin hot" these days! Excellent job on all y'all's hard work!!!!

    Oh I can't wait for pictures of the ball!!!! Love me some ball!!!!

    St. Louis was DEFINITELY fun the only time I was there in jr. high! And Lambert's is a MUST if you are close enough to one!!!! Just practice portion control & use your products; you'll do great!

    I love the pics of your kids!!!!