Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Changes in the Miller House

So we have some changes in the Miller house that we are super excited about!!! We are praying that God has given us a "vehicle" to help others & to share our story!!!  For a long time I wasn't sure my purpose but God is giving me a purpose.

Last football season I started hearing about this business called Advocare.. I just kind of shrugged it off & was like yeah not for me. So then in December I ran into a friend of mine who looks just amazing. So I got to asking her what she was doing. That is when she shared her story of Advocare and what it has done for her. She had lost approximately 50 pounds since she started taking products from Advocare  (August 2012)& I thought wow maybe this stuff does work. So I decided at the end of Decemeber I was sick & tired of looking at myself in the mirror & feeling just disguist for what I looked like.  We decided in the Miller Family it was time for a New Year and a new us!!

Jan 2nd I took the plunge into the 24 day challenge.  I started feeling better than I have in years. My energy level was at an all time high & I was seeing results!!!  I have never stuck to a weight loss program or healthy eating but this time I was determined!! At the end of my 24 day challenge I had lost 7 pounds and 11 3/4 inches total body.  I dropped from a 12/14 down to a 6/8 in a matter of 24 days. 

Now the rest of our story is what is so amazing!!! My husband did this right along beside me and all I can saw is WOW he looks AMAZING!!!  He has been on product as well & the results he is seeing is like no other!!! He has dropped 30 pounds and down to a size 36 jeans! I have never felt so proud to call him my husband. He is on fire & looks so good! (Did I mention he looks good? lol)

So I know you are asking yourself what is Advocare and what in the world is a 24 day challenge.  Advocare was founded 20 years ago and has been going strong ever since. It is guided by a prestigious Scientific and Medical advisory board of doctors. Advocare offers the highest quality ingredients and standarized herbal extracts for best absorption, well balanced nutrition, and consistent results. The products are regulary tested and pass the comprehensive banned substanstance certification program for dietary supplements.  Some of Advocare's unpaid endorsers include star football player Drew Brees,  Pro football star Jason Witten, and hundreds of other professional athletes, coaches, enterainers, etc..

So now you ask me what is the 24 Day Challenge?  The 24 day challenge is a nutritional program. It gives your body the jumpstart it needs to help you reach your goals.  It is done in 2 key phases. Your 1st phase is a gentle cleanse phase.  This is designed to help eliminate waste & prepare your body for optimal nutrient absorption The 2nd phase is called the Max Phase. This phase is to put those nutrients in your body that are the keys to being healthy. The challenge also has meal replacement shakes (available in a variety of flavors), omega plex (fish oils), and Spark.. If you haven't been "sparked" you are really missing out. Spark is an energy enhancer that isn't like your normal energy drink. He provides you with sustained energy all day long!

Advocare also has many other products available not just the 24 day challenge.  They have a trim line, an active line (perfect for athletes & locker rooms nationwide), well line,  and a performance elite line.  We are now maintaining & continue to lose weight with this other lines of product!!

If Advocare is something you would like to know more about please contact me via email at I would love to talk to you more about the products & what it has done for my family.  Also, they have business opportunities for those interested.


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  1. And just FYI I know I look pregnant in this picture BUT I wasn't. This was 12 months after giving birth to my pumpkin!